Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathroom redo- during

Here are some pictures of the bathroom remodel that is taking forever. I've got the materials ready to go....I just have to get the time to put them in. I've picked out some great finishes to fix this room but you'll have to wait and see the end result. I have taken the old paneling out (which went 4 foot up the wall and was brown maple paneling) and removed the old medicine cabinet which left the lovely hole in the wall. I am in the process of stripping the old wallpaper which has really been a test of my religion!!! I am officially banning wallpaper at the Hollingsworth House!

The new bathroom is going to be light and airy and much fresher looking! Hopefully those pictures will appear soon! (Note: It is never a good idea to remodel your son's bathroom when the has to share your bathroom during the process!! AAAAAHHHHHHH, I could just pull my hair out sometimes!!!! (LOL)

Does anyone out there have some remodel pictures they would like to share?

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